FlatOffice SW         

is the plug&play solution with preconfigured apps prepared by your company software. No installation, no diskspace needed, all in one software solution which makes you ready to start with your work. 

Software Features

Plug&Play, read-to-use with preconfigured apps


Plug & Play

Plug in the FlatOffice-stick and FlatOffice runtime software will be started automatically.


Fully encrypted

FlatOffice encrypts and decrypts all data stored on the stick by a personal customizable key password.
Changes to the decryption password (lost, compromised, too old) can be made with a master password.
These master passwords are especially only for the current FlatOffice-Stick and will be delivered before the device will be shipped.
If the master password gets lost, the stick have to be sent back to service.
- No backdoor planned due to security reasons!


N-factor authentification

Allows n-factor online (SMS-/eMail-codes, Google-/AppleId-Auth...) and offline (Picture-Gesture, Fingerprint, Facerecognition, ...) login methods.


Work(s) everywhere principle

The software is designed to start portable apps (apps which can be used without any installation on the operating system) and for sure online apps, too.
If the company decides that its employees can do their work with portable apps only, the FlatOffice can be used everywhere.
No internet connection = don't worry. Create your working results with the FlatOffice and if a internet connection is available again then FlatOffice automatically synchronizes all documents, files and working hours with FlatCompany.
There are 4 versions of FlatOffice planned. A windows version, an iOS version, a ubuntu linux version and ChromeOS version. All desktop operating systems should be supported to allow all employees working with it.


Ysera - your secured remote assistant

Ysera is one of the central points to do remote working efficiently.
It is an artificial intelligence which
- coordinates your appointments, your tasks,
- reminds on doing breaks or other doings,
- organizes automatically uploads and synchronizations,
- performs your time recordings,
- tries to answer your questions,
- assists you by using FlatOffice or merging documents with creating new versions of them in the versioning-system
and many more...


Apps are preconfigured and ready-to-use

All apps are special preconfigured for the logged in user.  
FlatOffice has 2 kinds of apps. 
The first of them are the "must-have"s. Those apps will be automatically installed.
The second of them are optional. They are available in a app-store and can be installed by the user.
All applications will be prepared and configured (what are must-have's or optional for each employee or group in the company and how will those apps be preconfigured for the users) within the FlatCompany cloud service. 


FlatDog widgets

FlatDog offers a wide range of solutions to support home or remote office and increases productivity, team-spirit, communications and determinations.
The widgets follows 3 principles:
Visualize your work
Agile tools to visualize the upcoming work and progress of the team or team(s), the user itself, defined groups and the whole company. Everytime the software is running for everyone within the FlatCompany.
Visualize your colleagues
Communication tools to perform meetings, meetups, presentations, (video-)chats, (video)-telephony, support-hotline and many more.
Those tools shows all colleagues everytime the software is running in a virtual room. You can take part on smalltalks and discussions like in a MMORPG, take part on team-events or casual games. Create internal blogs, video-tutorials or take part on forums, just to support eachother and help together. 
Visualize your goals
Tools to define, visualize and track personally, team-wide, group and company goals everytime the software starts with different representations. If something wents wrong within one organization unit or the whole company, every user will be informed immediatly and together the teams, groups and every single employee can try to find a solution.


Separation of business and private

During the work with FlatOffice, the software occupies the operating system desktop and tracks if someone is currently working or not.
But FlatOffice will not install anything in the background on the operating system. It will not track the actions done if FlatOffice is minimized or the FlatOffice or any open Apps of FlatOffice are currently not active. In this case the user has taken back control of his hardware.
FlatOffice respects the privacy of his users. 



FlatOffice is customizable like an operating system. Apps and widgets can be rearranged. Colours and backgrounds can be changed. Themes can be used.
Users should feel comfortable during the work with it.


Plug in the FlatOffice-stick and FlatOffice runtime software will be started automatically.

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