Network solutions

FlatOffice - Security information



Protected against manipulation 

hardware protection by patented technology
software protection by using firmware memory


Virtual company network infrastructure 

in a cloud, separated from business infrastructure
with a lot of available services
customizable for groups or individuals


Virtual closed personal office 

no diskspace needed on the PC
no temporary registry keys will be created
nothing to install on the PC for usage
no data will be stored silent on the PC
if disconnected no data leaks left on PC
automatic logout
automatic save of work results 


Multifactor authorization 

two steps at minimum (Decrypt and login)


Automatic encrypted data storage on device 

with automatic encryption on saving


High encrypted virtual private network tunnel 

with peer-to-peer connection only
connected clients are not direct accessable
with automatic commit to versioning systems
with automatic backups into the cloud


Automatic updates 

for the FlatOffice subsystem
for the configured and published apps 

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